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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the reason behind the name 'Electric Flying Connection' for EFC?

EFC's philosophy revolves around the power of the team and the vision it carries. The essential element bridging these two aspects is 'the connection'. We, at EFC, are committed to forging this connection by cultivating an ecosystem where all relevant entities work in harmony towards a shared goal. This way, we ensure the right parties are linked together, propelling our mission forward.

Where and when is EFC founded?

The initial idea for EFC was born in Helmond on November 12th, 2021, at a meeting of passionate electric flying enthusiasts at the Automotive Campus. However, it was not long before we moved to Airport Teuge, the center of sustainable aviation, where we have grown EFC into a real association.

Why does EFC concentrate solely on electric flights, excluding hydrogen or Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)?

At EFC, we hold a firm belief in maintaining a concentrated focus on our endeavors and objectives. This is not to suggest that we discredit other avenues of sustainable aviation. Rather, we choose to devote our resources and attention to the area of battery-powered aviation as our primary focus.